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Lamp close up_3.jpg
Designed for 3D printing
2021. 5 weeks.



Our brief was to design an object that created a unique effect through light and shadows. Having just bought a 3D printer, I set myself the constraints of designing this to be optimised for printing. That to me meant using as little material as I could, a low number of parts, and no supports anywhere. 

I began by experimenting with patterns to see what effects the light produced. All the patterns were laser-cut on thick paper. This made it efficient and allowed me to think about colour. 

Having liked this one the most, I quickly moved to prototyping it with a feasible light source. 

1/3rd scale

Full scale. This allowed me to picture it in space while also thinking about bulbs, and housings.

Then came beautifying the form.

A benefit to 3D printing was the plethora of colors I could choose from.

And finally..

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