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Sound Designer's Desk
2019. 10 Weeks.


To practice human factors with a client in mind, I designed this desk based on Zubin Isaac's needs. While I came up with the ideas and did all the building myself, the most important part of this project was sticking to Zubin's taste and needs.

The first thing I did was get all his measurements, and create mood boards with him to understand who he was. I then spent some time in his studio to learn his workflow, and see where changes could be made so that his tools let him be more productive. Below is a picture of his set-up at the time.

After spending time with him, recording him, and watching him work, we came up with a brief for what the table should do. 

1. He was using a makeshift table for his synths (on the left). So it needed to have space for everything in his current set-up. 

2. He had dozens of wires, and they often ended up on the floor, so he wanted some sort of organisation for that. 

3. It had to be affordable, and use natural materials.

With that, I began ideating.

After meeting a couple of times to share ideas, and feedback, we narrowed it down to 3 options.

Of which, he liked this the most.

Here are some of the final pictures of it in context.

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