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Portable Coffee Maker
2019. 10 Weeks.


As a homage to my inspiration, I wanted to design a product that could fit into BRAUN's portfolio. At the time, there were no portable coffee makers besides the age-old manual ones. I first started by analysing their design language to better understand the forms, finishes, patterns, and materials they used.

A combination of rectilinear, and cylindrical shapes.

Line patterns

Braun Study_edited.jpg

Rounded edges

Circular patterns




It was at a time when the coffee pod system was just catching on. While it simplified making coffee, it was still a tool that needed a specific home.

And that data was key in setting off my ideation process.

The machine took many shapes.

Big, bulky & boring

Had unnecessary parts

Understanding of proportions


Spring-loaded lid with 360 degree flow

Coffee chamber/cup

Spout for coffee


Spout for water

Housing for mid-section

Water chamber

Induction heater, and charging port

Simply put, it's an electric mokha pot that can go where you go.

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