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Caliper, Compass, Circle cutter
2022. 5 weeks.



In Harry Allen's class, we visited a handful of factories. Two of which were a packaging, and machining studio. Hence, I wanted to design something that could be manufactured through them. 

Makers often carry a lot of tools, use tools for things that weren't their intended purpose, and are perpetually in search of new tools. The Cali+ is an improved version of what already exists but also allows you to do things you were doing with a caliper, but intentionally and more efficiently.

Circle cutter


Marking gauge

Depth measuring

Internal measuring

External measuring

There were a couple iterations along the way.

And finally..

Stainless Steel

2mm lead

#11 Xacto Blade

ABS for inner packaging

Thick card for outer packaging

Transparent silicone or acrylic for sleeve

Can be hung

Extra Lead

Extra blades

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